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Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence and within an hour’s drive to Ottawa or Montreal, Cornwall may be one of Canada’s oldest communities, but its 46,000 residents live in one of the most forward-thinking cities in the country.

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Strategically located along the Highway 401 corridor and close to the US border, Cornwall is home to some of Canada’s largest retail distribution centres and an award-winning transportation network. But it isn’t all work and no play in this business-oriented town: take a break to walk, bike, or rollerblade along the scenic Waterfront Trail. Alternatively, enjoy a short drive out into the beautiful countryside, roll up your sleeves, and harvest some fresh produce at one of Cornwall’s many U-pick orchards and farms.

Like many Upper Canadian cities, Cornwall has a prominent Loyalist past, however Cornwall has grown to accommodate a significant francophone population over the years. Today, nearly 25% of Cornwall’s residents identify as francophone, and celebrate the city’s bilingual diversity with French newspapers, radio, and schools.

During the War of 1812, Cornwall was an important garrison town, and supply post. Two hundred years later Cornwall is home to the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations.

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Lofty achievement: Cornwall hosts the only annual air hot-air balloon festival in North America. Olympic gold- and silver-medal winner Lori Dupuis was born and got her hockey start, in Cornwall.

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