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Situated where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario, Kingston has a prominent place in history as Canada’s first capital, and home of first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

Nicknamed the “Limestone City”, Kingston is known for its many heritage buildings constructed from local limestone, including City Hall. Now a designated heritage site, Kingston City Hall was originally built to serve as the administration centre for the United Canadas.

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As residents of Canada’s oldest cities, Kingston’s 123,330 citizens ensure the city adheres to its motto, “where history and innovation thrive”.

Boasting Ontario's only UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kingston’s Rideau Canal and Fort Henry were established in the early 1800’s to fortify the region against possible attack. Kingston retains a military presence today as the location of Canada’s only military university (The Royal Military College), which, combined with Queen’s University and St. Lawrence college, produces the most Canadian PhD graduates per capita.

The Thousand Island archipelago region outside of Kingston actually consists of 1,864 islands, whose scattered appearance inspired the name of the popular salad dressing...and Canada’s first cookbook,"The Cook Not Mad" was published in Kingston in 1831.

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