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Surrounded by the bay for which the city is named, Thunder Bay is the largest port on the St. Lawrence Seaway System, and with 108,000 residents, the most populous city in Northwestern Ontario.

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Though first inhabited by Paleo-Indians, by the time Europeans (French) settled in Thunder Bay, the Ojibwe were the dominant population in the area. The French soon established a flourishing fur trade, solidifying its status as the fur-trade command post with the North West Trading Company’s construction of Fort William. Today, completely restored to function as it did in 1815, Fort William is considered one of the Top Ten Attractions in Canada.

Also on Thunder Bay’s must-see list is one of the nation’s most iconic landforms--the aptly named Sleeping Giant. Scale the 290-metre cliffs to the summit for a stunning view of Lake Superior.

Known for its spectacular landscapes, visitors to Thunder Bay have the opportunity to actually take a piece of the scenery home with them at the hands-on Amethyst Mine Panorama, which contains the largest amethyst deposit in North America. As the city’s witty slogan goes, Thunder Bay a city that is arguably “Superior by Nature”.

An Ojibwe legend identifies the Sleeping Giant as “Nanabijou”, who was turned to stone when the secret location of a rich silver mine was disclosed.

The Sleeping Giant is estimated to weigh in at around 50 million tons.

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